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Real Rights vs Personal Rights – What is What in the confines of a Contract of Sale between two parties (Vendor A and Purchaser A) as well as a respective third and separate party (Purchaser B)?

In a situation where a vendor (the original vendor) has sold a property by way of a contract of sale, and his purchaser (Purchaser A) later contracts into a second contract of sale with a second purchaser (Purchaser B), the question is – would Purchaser B be bound by the conditions of the original contract […]
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Auditors to shoulder a portion of the damages suffered by a creditor company which relied on published accounts in extending its credit to a debtor company

On the 9th of July 2020, the Court of Appeal presided by Mr. Justice Giannino Caruana Demajo, Mr. Justice Joseph R. Micallef and Mr. Justice Anthony Ellul, pronounced itself in its appellate state with regards to a previous decision of the First Hall Civil Court. The Court of Appeal confirmed that the defendants, auditors of […]
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A Brief Overview of the recently published Legal Notice entitled ‘Companies Act (Public Companies – Annual General Meetings) Regulations, 2020’.

On the 10th of July 2020, a Legal Notice entitled Companies Act (Public Companies – Annual General Meetings) Regulations, 2020, was published addressing those public companies whose annual general meeting was due during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The regulations apply to those public companies which, due to the closing of certain venues and restrictions on […]
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Dr. Ian Stafrace contributes to Grant Thornton webinar on shaping Malta’s future

Saliba Stafrace Legal Partner, Dr. Ian J. Stafrace recently participated in the webinar series by Grant Thornton, entitled “Shaping Malta’s Future: the new norm”. The session themed “The virtual courtroom: will it enable justice to prevail?” discussed the key areas focusing amongst others: · the right to an effective justice system – and the impact […]
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Court of Appeal confirms that two contractors and an architect are to be held responsible for the collapse of a property in Sliema.

The Court of Appeal on the 20th of July 2020, has confirmed a previous decision of the First Hall Civil Court, wherein the court ordered two contractors and an architect to pay more than € 67,000 jointly in damages, to the family members of a woman deceased after a property collapse in Sliema. The collapse […]
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