Month: September 2020

New Legal Notice allows for the extension of commercial emphyteutical concessions by application

The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, has recently published Legal Notice 369 of 2020, entitled “Extension of Temporary Emphyteusis in a Contract for a Commercial Premises Transferred from the Government, the Lands Authority or Ecclesiastical Entities by Title of Emphyteusis Regulations, 2020”. According to these new regulations, as of the 5th of October […]
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Real Rights vs Personal Rights – What is What in the confines of a Contract of Sale between two parties (Vendor A and Purchaser A) as well as a respective third and separate party (Purchaser B)?

In a situation where a vendor (the original vendor) has sold a property by way of a contract of sale, and his purchaser (Purchaser A) later contracts into a second contract of sale with a second purchaser (Purchaser B), the question is – would Purchaser B be bound by the conditions of the original contract […]
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