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An Analysis of Legal Notice 213/2022 Amending the Commercialisation of Sports Facilities Regulations (S.L. 455.12)

A new legal notice that made significant amendments and additions to the Commercialisation of Sports Facilities Regulations (S.L. 455.12) entered into force on the 29th of July 2022. The Regulations which were originally promulgated in 2017, established a framework allowing sports organisations to conduct commercial activities from their properties. The new legal notice aims to […]
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Force Majeure, Hardship and Exemption from Liability – Are these one in the same?

Use of the phrase ‘force majeure’ has undoubtedly gained traction after the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst the inclusion of force majeure clauses within contractual agreements had previously been considered an afterthought (and parties often made use of standard clauses for it), nowadays, force majeure clauses have become a point of contention in negotiations. In view of […]
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A secured roof over a pre-1995 leasing tenant – a well awaited win for the underdog!

On the 30th July 2021, the Rent Regulation Board, presided over by Magistrate Dr Simone Grech, in the case Ann sive Felicity Wismayer vs. Patricia Engerer brought forward the eviction of a tenant pertaining to the pre-1995 residential leasing regime, as requested by the plaintiff after having initially obtained a favourable judgment, delivered by the […]
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Dr Nicole’ Ann Demicoli made partner & Dr Joseph Camilleri promoted to Senior Associate with Salibastafrace Legal

Dr Demicoli joined the firm in 2019 as a senior associate and currently forms part of the firms’ Financial Services and Corporate Law branches.  Nicole’ obtained a Doctor of Laws Degree (LL.D.) in 2009 and a Master of Laws Degree in Financial Services in 2011 from the University of Malta. Nicole has been admitted as […]
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Curbing Money Laundering Activities: Limit of €10,000 on Cash Transactions and other Valuables.

In an effort to combat the ever‐growing need to regulate cash transactions for money‐laundering purposes, the government, in October 2019, announced a policy decision by which cash payments for certain high‐value goods were restricted. Subsidiary legislation 373.04 was published on the 9th of March 2021 as Legal Notice 81 of 2021, coming into effect on […]
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