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COVID 19 Pandemic – Important legislative features following the enactment of Legal Notice 141 of 2020

It is evident that we are indeed witnessing extraordinary occurrences and this even within the legal realm. Following the number of legislative publications, it can be rightfully said that the national legal procedures are at a complete standstill. The past couple of weeks have shed light on various important amendments to the law in line […]
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The ‘testimonium non scriptum non fertur’ legal principle as opposed to oral sworn testimonies and witnesses – To what extent can a written sworn agreement be duly contested in court by the same signees?

On the 27th March 2020, the Court of Appeal in its Superior Jurisdiction delivered a very important judgment in the names of Cyril Worley u Mary Rose Worley v.
Emanuel Ellul u Mary Ellul, 952/2012, focusing on the ‘contra scriptum testimonium non scriptum non fertur’ principle. In this case, the plaintiffs had originally filed a sworn […]
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Salient Features within the new Private Residential Leases Act, 2019

On the 8th November 2019, the Maltese parliament introduced and implemented new changes to the rent regulations for residential purposes i.e. the new Private Residential Leases Act, 2019. The legislation has implemented different provisions and seeks to regulate lease while promoting the development of the private sector. The act aims at implementing clarity, standards of […]
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