Citizenship and Residence Schemes:

Whilst Malta is a fully-fledged member of the EU, it still maintains specific immigration laws. Such laws would impose specific requirements on certain non-EU nationals, such as the need to obtain a Visa to enter the islands. Malta boasts of a newly established and dedicated agency which handles such requirements with the aim of rendering such a process timely and effective.

Malta also has a system of residence permits and schemes which offer specific tax and fiscal benefits. The Maltese Government has just launched a Global Residence Programme, a scheme intended for non-EU nationals to establish a residence status in Malta through the acquisition or lease of immovable property. In turn, this scheme offers advantageous tax and fiscal rates. Such a scheme makes it mandatory for any such person to appoint a registered mandatory to represent him in the process leading to the property acquisition or lease and the eventual establishment of the Residence Status.

In this regard we offer services relating to:

  • Normal and multiple Entry Visa;
  • Global Residence Scheme, including representation;
  • Temporary and Permanent Residence status;
  • Dual Citizenship;
  • Work Permits;


Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business;

Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security;