Environment is regulated under the provisions of the Environment and Development Planning Act (Chapter 504 of the Laws of Malta) [and a number of Regulations issued under the authority of the said Act. These Regulations cover the whole spectrum of Environmental Law, including Nature Protection, Biodiversity, Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protected Areas, Air Quality, Noise, Emissions, Radiation, Waste, Pollution Prevention and Control, Environmental Health, GMO’s, Water and Climate Change. Through its vast experience and exposure in the area, our Firm can provide legal advice and consultations on the various aspects of Environmental law including:

    • Strategic Environmental Assessments;
    • Environmental Impact Assessments;
    • Other Assessments;
    • Environmental Risk and Liability, including damage prevention and remedying;
    • IPPC processes;
    • Environmental Permitting;
    • Seveso processes;
    • Management Plans;
    • Transboundary Issues;
    • Consultation processes;
    • Energy Law;
    • Procedures before the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal;
    • Procedures before the Courts of Justice (Local and EU).

Environment falls under the portfolio of the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change and primarily regulated and enforced by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA). MEPA receives and determines processes relating to Environmental Assessments, IPPC and other Environmental Permitting. All such processes are open to public consultation and in certain cases, decisions are taken in public hearings. It is envisaged that regulation and enforcement will be transferred to another Government Authority in the near future. Most decisions relating to Environment Protection may be contested before the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal (EPRT), a specially appointed Administrative Tribunal, and/or the Courts of Justice.



DG Environment (EU)