Property is a major topic in Malta. Traditionally the Maltese regard property as a sound and secure investment tool, something which has stood the test of time. Property Law is founded under sound principles emanating from Roman and Continental legal principles. Property can be owned or used under various titles such as emphyteusis, lease, usufruct and use or possession – all of which are regulated primarily under the provisions of the Maltese Civil Code. Legal title to property is a matter which can be researched and established with certainty and is invariably a pre-requisite to any mode of property acquisition or financing.

Our firm, with its vast experience and involvement in property matters, can provide legal advice and consultations on:

  • Submissions and Representations before the Courts of Justice;
  • Sale and Rental deeds and agreement and conveyancing;
  • Title research;
  • Financing agreements;
  • Fiscal Implications;
  • Dispute Resolution;
  • Development Consent; 303B63
  • Property Zoning;
  • Residence Schemes;
  • Transboundary Property transactions;
  • Enforcement of property rights;


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