Civil Matters

Any transaction would normally find its legal basis in general principles of Civil Law. Malta offers a sound and robust Civil Code and ancillary legislation covering a wide spectrum of civil matters. We maintain that most matters can and should be clearly regulated through meticulous and attentive agreement drafting, and disputes should be resolved in a timely and effective manner. Whilst we strive to facilitate a process whereby disputes between parties are settled, we have a strong disposition to take matters to litigation, should the need arise. In this regard, we offer services in relation to:

  • Succession planning;
  • Trusts;
  • Insurance Disputes;
  • Contracts, Deeds and Undertakings;
  • Contractual Disputes;
  • Dispute Resolution;
  • Litigation;
  • Enforcement of Judgements, including Judgements of Foreign Courts;
  • Civil writs and Appeals before the Court of Justice;
  • Arbitration and Mediation


Parliamentary Secretariat for Justice;

Courts of Justice;

Malta Arbitration Centre